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Organise a tournament

Joey Barrington will commentate on your matches!


Make your own tournament in a few clicks! Rankedin wants to show you how easy it is to organise and stream live any kind of tournament from now on. Organise any kind of tournament, it can be for 2 players or an international event with several hundred players joining. It is totally up to you! 

Rankedin Video App

How to create tournament


  1. Organise your tournament in Rankedin and find out how easy and fun it is to create events! It is totally free to join. Try it now! a
  2. Stream your tournament with the Rankedin Video App with Live Results - available in Play Store (Android) or AppStore (iOS).
  3. Send us the YouTube link from your tournament to and select your top 5 rallies.
  4. Joey Barrington will commentate on your tournament.
  5. Rankedin will send you back the video and embed it on the section Videos on the bottom of this page.
  6. The campaign ends on 31.01.2019
Let's have some fun and take the opportunity to add some colour and comedy with JB commentating on your squash! Everything is free of charge.

Ranking - Best videos with commentary by Joey Barrington